Dynamo for complex MEP modelling


Dynamo is often mentioned when people talk about automating repetitive tasks within Revit. This surely is one of the biggest advantages of Dynamo.
Besides automating tasks though you can also use Dynamo for doing the really difficult or sometimes impossible stuff within Revit. There are a lot of examples of architectural users creating complex shapes for otherwise impossible to model facades, roofs, walls etc.
For the MEP side though this usually isn’t the case. We don’t very often have to model pipes or ducts in really difficult patterns, I have never seen a building that needed a pipe helix tower.

Now and then though you might run into a situation where the standard Revit commands fall short or require a lot of work to get things done the way you want them.
Here is a nice example that I used on a project just recently. I had to model a cable tray under two different angles. Modelling a cable tray under a single angle can be done with the help of a section view, but under 2 angles it is a bit harder. It surely isn’t impossible to do, but I thought it would be nice to try and do this with a little Dynamo help.
Here is a really simple graph that uses a few of the ‘Connector’ nodes from the MEPover package to select the open connectors on the cable trays and then create a new cable tray at those locations.

After the new cable tray is created you can use the Revit command ‘Align’ and ‘Trim’ to finish it off and voila: a nice cable tray that has been modeled under 2 angles.


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