Collecting Revit elements by parameter values


First of all I’d like to welcome you to our new website, I think it turned out pretty neat. To celebrate I have a bunch of new nodes to share that I hope will be useful.

These new nodes will let you collect elements from your model really fast by supplying a parameter and a parameter value to search for.
If for instance you have a project parameter assigned to a lot of categories and you want to search your model for a certain value then you can use these nodes.
The nodes will search the most common Revit elements (in Revit API language: it will collect anything that’s either a ‘Host’ object or a ‘FamilyInstance’ object).

Here’s a practical use case: In our office we use a project parameter called ‘ClassificationCode’ for classifying our elements (instead of the more widely used Assembly Code). With the node the model will be searched for elements that have nothing filled in for this parameter. The returned elements will then be processed further down the graph so that they will be assigned a ‘ClassificationCode’.
The great thing about this node is that it works really fast! With standard Dynamo nodes you would first have to collect every element of a lot of categories, then get the parameter value, compare that value to a search value and then apply a boolean mask to get the same result. I have not done any real speed tests, but it returned more than 10.000 elements in less than a second.

Collecting elements this way really speeds up the graph runtime. The new nodes are available in the latest version of the MEPover package.

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